I've read some books of my private library to deepen my knowledge of some of the authors in the anthology, as in some of their rhetorical devices. However, some of these books are a bit old-fashioned in their translations and some of them should be edited in a more modern version or directly retired from bookshops because of their many faults. Some of them are:
-Graves, Robert; 'Poemas'; Ed. Pre-textos (2005), edited and translated by Antonio Rivero Taravillo. This is a wonderful translation with a brief introduction that show the key points in Graves' literary career. The bilingual edition is wonderful to compare the original text with the translation into Spanish. Although it is a very good translation, there are some things that I don't agree with the final result (but bearing in mind that this is a great transalation).
-Graves, Robert; '100 Poemas'; Ed. Lumen (1981), translated by Claribel Alegría y Darwin J. Flakoll. This bilingual edition has a very interesting preface by Paul O'Prey, and its short but representative selection of Graves' work is one of the best translations made in Spanish from Graves' verses.
(Both volumes containe a few poems of Graves' war poetry, but it is comprehensible because Graves himself decided to remove most of the poems of the war period since he declared that they were not very good poems but part of a fashionable way of writing)

-Lowell, Amy; 'El jardín de Sevenels'; Ed. Torremozas (2007), translated by Marta Porpetta. This is, astonishingly, the only book of poems by Lowell translated into Spanish with a quite good translation and an interesting introduction by Luzmaría Jiménez Faro.

-Kipling, Rudyard; 'Poemas'; Ed. renacimiento (1996), translated by José Manuel Benítez Ariza. Being this a translation I don't like it very much, I think this book is a quite interesting way of going into Kipling's world.
-Kipling, Rudyard; 'Poemas''; Ed. Visor (2007), translated by Luis Cremades. Having this book the translated version of the preface T. S. Eliot wrote for a selection of Kipling's poetry, it is a fundamental book to understand how Kipling writes as he does. The worst of this book is that it only contains the translated version of the poems, lacking the originals.

-Hardy, Thomas; 'Los poemas del novelista'; Ed. Hiperión (2002), translated by Adolfo Sarabia. This book contains a brief selection of the entire Hardy's poetic work; and although it is a good book for a first contact with Hardy's poems it has some mistakes in the translation of the poems.
-Hardy, Thomas; 'El gamo ante la casa solitaria'; Ed Pre-textos (1999), translated by Francisco M. López Serrano. With one of the best prefaces to Hardy's poetic work, the translation of the poems seems to me one of the best made into Spanish.
-Hardy, Thomas; 'Poemas'; Ed. La Veleta (2001), with a selection and a translation by Joan Margarit and Sam Abrams. With the best preface written about Hardy's poems and poetics, it has a great selection from eight of his book of verses including 'Satires of circumstance'; and the translation into Spanish is one of the best of this selection of books related to the poets we've seen in the anthology of WWI Poetry.

-Eliot, T. S.; 'La tierra baldía'; Ed. Cátedra (2005), translated by Viorica Patea. With one of the best prefaces I've never read about 'The Waste Land' and a great translaton into Spanish, it has a great quantity of notes that help to understand the text. Besides, the edition is bilingual.
-Eliot, T. S.; 'La tierra estéril'; Ed. Visor (2009), translated by Jaime Tello. It has a brief preface and the translation is not the best one I've read.
-Eliot, T. S.; 'La tierra yerma'; Ed. Fraterna (1988), translated by Alberto Girri. This is another of the best translations into Spanish and the book has a very good amount of notes at the end of the book that help very much to understand some passages of the poem.

-Pound, Ezra; 'Personae Los poemas breves'; Ed. Hiperión (2007), translated by Jesús Munárriz and Jenaro Talens. This bilingual translation is perfect to understand the first poetic cycle in the work of Ezra Pound.

-Owe, Wilfred; 'Poemas de guerra'; Ed. Acantilado (2011), translated by Gabriel Insausti. This is maybe the worst translations, or one of the worst, of these books I'm mentioning. Although it's a good book because we can find a great amount of Owen's poems, as the preface (in Spanish, of course) Siegfried Sassoon wrote for the first edition of Owen's verses.

-'Tengo una cita con la muerte', Borja Aguiló - Ben Clark (eds); Ed. Linteo (2011); this selection of world war I poets is maybe the best one made ever in Spanish. The preface clarifies a lot of things unknown for us who live in Spain, the selection of the poets covers a wide range of styles and includes some of the best poems of the period, one feels grateful with the bilingual edition, and the translation seems to me almost perfect.

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