The Great War (1914-1918) - Episode 7: Legacy

·Transformations in Germany, Russia and the Austrian Empire.
·Viena as an example of hunger and infant mortality.
·President Wilson joining the old world game of dictating boundaries to the defeated nations.
·Germany declared guilty; costs of the war – a debt that could never be repaired.
·Peace Treaty.
·Adolf Hitler determined to take revenge whatever the cost.
·Film showing the anger of soldiers dead in the war. Dead judging the living.
·The men with broken faces.
·Otto Dix. Dadaism. Art is dead.
·Creation of national cemeteries for the dead of The Great War.
·The Cenotaph.
·Arthur Conan Doyle and Spiritualism.
·Have you forgotten yet? Siegfried Sassoon.

The last poem of the anthology is perfect to remark that the Great War haunted many people to the end of their lives.
We can see much of the themes shown in the fifth chapter of the anthology developed in this episode.

 But maybe the best summary to the episodes and the chapters in the anthology is: the more you look at the skull the more angry does it seem.

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